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Cables from Comprehensive VideoComprehensive

Simplify HDMI with Comprehensive

Have questions about HDMI cables? Use the handy chart below to find the best HDMI cable for your needs.

Comprehensive HDMI cables:

  Standard Series
HR Pro Series
XHD Series
Applications Low Cost, smaller gauge. Good for short
distances, non-critcal applications and all
general purpose applications.
High quality and high value. Uses larger gauges than normal, usualy 26 or 24, better shielding and more durable construction. Recommended for commercial and residential installation where reliability is primary consideration. Larger gauge, premium materials, ultimate durability & performance. The X2600 although more expensive and not as capable for long distances as the X3V series, is an excellent value alternative to expensive retail home theater cables with silver coated center conductor, metal connectors and braided jacket.
Lengths Available Standard
3', 6', 10', 15', 20'
3', 6', 10', 15'
25', 35', 50'
25', 35', 50'
25', 33', 40', 50', 75'
10', 35'
1.4 Compliant
and backwards
Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Gauge 28awg 28awg 26awg 26awg 24awg 26awg
(Silver Coated Center Conductor)
Shielding Double Double Triple Triple Triple Triple
High Speed
(480i, 720p, 1080p and beyond)
Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
No Yes Yes Yes No N/A
UL Rated
(In Wall Use)
No No CL3 CL3 CL2P CL3
X-traflex PVC Jacket Yes Yes Yes Yes N/A Yes (Braided)
N/A N/A No No Yes N/A

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