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Crestron  High-Definition Video Scaler - Open Box


NOTE: This is an ‘open-box’ product and sold as-is. Open-box products may have been used for demo purposes such as a tradeshow, training, or client demonstrations and may have minor scratches or surface marks but should still be fully functional for it’s intended purpose.

HD-SCALER-VGA-E High-Definition Video Scaler, VGA In, HDMI® Out

Provides a cost-effective, high-definition scaler with VGA, RGB, or component video in, HDMI out, and analog audio in and out.


The HD-SCALER-VGA-E is a simple, cost-effective video scaler designed to enable an HD, SD, or computer display device to handle analog VGA, RGB, and component video signals with input resolutions up to Full HD 1080p or WUXGA. Its low-profile, surface-mountable design and set-and-forget simplicity allow the HD-SCALER-VGA-E to be installed discreetly in the back of an equipment rack, behind a flat panel display, or above a ceiling projector.

HD Scaler
When choosing a new display device, video switcher, processor, or codec, one might assume that that device should support whatever sources you connect to it. In fact, many modern displays and other devices just can’t handle all the different formats and resolutions that you’re likely to encounter day-to-day in a dynamic presentation environment — particularly analog formats like VGA, RGB, and component video. The HD-SCALER-VGA-E connects to an HDMI® or DVI input[1], enabling support for a variety of analog signals, and ensuring that every source displays reliably and beautifully. Fully automatic operation is achieved using the display’s EDID — just connect the HD-SCALER-VGA-E to the display and it intelligently converts and enhances the incoming signal for optimal appearance on the display.

The HD-SCALER-VGA-E handles standard and high-definition video sources with resolutions up to Full HD 1080p60 progressive and 1080i interlaced, as well as computer sources up to WUXGA 1920x1200. Whatever the source, the HD-SCALER-VGA-E is capable of scaling it up or down, deinterlacing it, reducing noise artifacts, and adjusting its aspect ratio to match the native resolution of your video display or computer monitor. A wide selection of display resolutions up to 1920x1200 can be supported, with auto-calibration ensuring a quick and easy setup and hands-off operation.

The HD-SCALER-VGA-E provides a single VGA type input and is compatible with RGB and component video sources.

Audio Embedding
An analog audio input is provided on the HD-SCALER-VGA-E to accommodate the stereo signal from a line-level audio source, or the headphone output from a laptop or mobile device. The analog signal is converted to digital and routed to the scaler’s HDMI output along with the video signal. An analog audio output is also included, allowing distribution of the audio signal to the display device, or to a sound bar, amplified speakers, or a separate sound system. Built-in delay processing allows the audio signal to be delayed up to 150 ms for lip-sync alignment.

On-Screen Display
Setup and diagnostics are facilitated through an on-screen display (OSD). The OSD appears right on the video display with navigation enabled using simple controls located on the scaler unit. The OSD displays detailed information about the connected source and display device, and includes settings for selecting the output resolution and aspect ratio, and for adjustment of the picture and color settings, audio delay, and other parameters.

Simple and Versatile
The HD-SCALER-VGA-E is well-suited for a wide range of applications including boardrooms and classrooms, home entertainment, rental and staging, and digital signage. Its simple set-and-forget nature and compact size let it go anywhere a high-quality video scaler is needed.

Key Features

  • Converts analog RGB, VGA, and component video signals to HDMI® or DVI 
  • Automatically scales the input signal to match the native resolution of your display
  • Supports a range of display resolutions up to Full HD 1080p and WUXGA
  • Perfect for adapting all kinds of video devices to handle any input resolution
  • Supports any input resolution up to Full HD 1080p and WUXGA [4]
  • Performs deinterlacing of NTSC, PAL, and 1080i sources
  • Supports analog RGBHV, RGBS, RGsB, and component sources [3]
  • Includes stereo analog audio input and output
  • Allows embedding of analog stereo audio to HDMI
  • Provides up to 150 ms lip-sync audio delay
  • Affords easy setup via on-screen display
  • Compact, low-profile surface mount design
  • Universal 100-240V external power pack included

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