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Screen Innovations  5 Series Zero Edge - Slate  Fixed Frame Screen

Part #: SIS5TX185SL8  |   Mfg #: 5TX185SL8
Type: Fixed Frame
Format: 16:9
Dimensions: 98"  Height  x  157"  Width; 185"  Diagonal
Surface: SLATE .8

5 Series Zero Edge - Slate (unassembled)

Zero Edge™ is the world’s first and only multi-directional ambient light rejecting projection screen technology that has the look and feel of a flat panel TV. Featuring a rigid panel, a pencil-thin 10mm bezel, and the award-winning Black Diamond screen technology that can boost a projector’s contrast by over 900%, Zero Edge™ screens blend flawlessly with surrounding décor, deliver a stunning image, and provide a fully immersive entertainment experience for light or dark room applications.

A slender new frame design with an integrated track system enables the use of optional LED Lighting behind the screen for added effect and to fully complement the room’s design and décor. No assembly is required; simply unpack and hang the screen.


Mounting options include recessed / unframed, flush to the wall, projected off the wall, or flying from the ceiling by slender cables, all of which provide an incredibly sleek appearance. Available in custom screen sizes and configurations up to 150?, and sold for a price that is often less than 80? or larger flat panel TVs, the combination of a Zero Edge&tm; screen and projector can deliver significantly more value per square inch than flat panel TVs.

Learn more about the SLATE material below.

  • SLATE 0.8 gain - 0.8 Gain / 35° Half-Gain Angle / Micro Texture

    Slate® .8 is the world’s first massive ambient-light rejecting screen that is black in color. Because of this, the end goal of bringing two-piece projection to any environment is now closer than ever allowing super large displays in brightly lit environments.

    Made in the USA, Slate® is a flexible multi-particle optical screen offered in standard sizes up to 200-inches diagonally 16:9; larger sizes are available on request. Slate® is available in Motorized, Zero Edge®, and Fixed Frame screen formats.

    Slate® replaces the need to settle for a substandard screen in a family room setting, by rejecting 65% of the room’s ambient light vs. only <10% light rejection with a white or gray screen. Slate® provides the missing link as an affordable solution for the price-conscious consumer.

    We are always pushing ourselves to develop the ultimate in projection screens for any buyer, and any budget, and most importantly: in any environment. It’s our driving force, what we’re made of. Slate® enables us to provide a solution for allowing users to “step out of the dark” and into the family, room, game room or multi-purpose room.

    Yes, Slate® is flexible. This is a completely new offering that has never been enjoyed by the middle-market until now. Combining Slate® with our Zero Edge® form factor makes installation a breeze and allows two piece projection with ambient light rejection in nearly any environment.


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