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Universal Remote Control PSX-2 Personal Server iPod dock

Part #: UNIPSX2  |   Mfg #: PSX2


Personal Server with TV On-Screen Control

PSX-2 Personal Server from URC – loaded with features that allow you the installer to totally customize your client’s iPod experience. Never before has there been an iPod dock with this level of incredible two-way functionality and hundreds of discrete IR commands. The popularity of the Apple iPod is such that almost every home entertainment system now has an A/V iPod dock. The most popular docks provide a TV on-screen GUI (Graphical User Interface) that mimics precisely the iPod screens. But because the iPod is based on a limited number of buttons and a small screen, one must constantly navigate up and down through a series of nested menus, and must remember a “mental map” of where special features are accessed. This is tedious and frustrating and the only way around it was an expensive media server instead of an iPod dock. Until today...

The PSX-2 is an AV iPod dock with built in automation for the iPod that provides high-end music server functionality via any programmable control system and a TV. Enables functions like play more from this artist, shuffle my jazz, alphabetically search and the intuitive ability to create a play list for a party from any keypad or remote control on their TV set.

  • Browse on screen (MX-6000 or TV)
  • Customize – hundreds of discrete codes
  • Automate via proprietary features
  • Compatible with all URC remotes

On TV Content Selection and Browsing with Cover Art

Having cover art, artist and title information on the TV is convenient, fun and natural. It provides the interface for any control system to display content selection choices.

Synchronize iPod Content with PC or Mac

The PSX-2 includes PSXLink software for both Macs and PCs. Any new content you add to your iTunes library can be synchronized to the iPod in the PSX-2 without ever removing it.

TV Screensaver Always Displays Cover Art and Artist & Track Info

With other music servers, screen savers force you to press a button to view the Cover art, Artist and Track info. PSX-2 utilizes your album cover art and now playing info in the screensaver mode. Now you can see what’s playing on TV without pressing a button, and without risking burn in on your Plasma TV!

Customize & Automate iPod Operation in any System

Now, all systems with programmable remote controls or keypads (regardless of brand) can enjoy the unique automation and customizable experience.

Shuffle Genre, Artist, Album, Composer

With other music servers, shuffle is a frustrating mix of too many kinds of music. With the PSX-2, shuffle becomes a powerful tool for listening and exploring your music collection. Imagine shuffling just your jazz, or just the songs of a particular artist. You can shuffle play any genre, any artist or any album at any time by simply accessing the remote control or keypad’s shuffle screen.

Build Playlist for Parties

Arranging the perfect music to playback for any event is a delightful activity with the PSX-2. You can freely play music, browsing and shuffling as you like. When you hear something you’d like to add to your Jukebox playlist, simply touch “Add Song to Jukebox” or “Add Album to Jukebox” on the Jukebox screen. To play the jukebox you’ve created, simply touch “Play Jukebox.”


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