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Manual Screens

Manual screens are a popular choice because they are versatile, easy to use, and easy to install. They are also recognizable as the screens used in school classrooms. Manual pull-and-release systems allow you to lower the screen to the desired height and lock it into place. Manual wall and ceiling screens offer presenters a professional solution for virtually any situation. These screens can be rolled into a secure housing after use. Manual screens are considerably more affordable than the electric screens.

Product Line Description Size Range Price Range


Access/Series M Ceiling recessed case can be installed first and the screen later, making it easy to switch screen surfaces. Manual operation. 71" - 204" $602.00 - $1,204.00
Apex Spring-roller manual screen with automatic ceiling closure. 70" - 136" $616.31 - $787.95
Luma Manual screen with pull cord and scratch-resistant case and endcaps. 64" - 136" $79.00 - $253.25
Luma 2 Spring roller screen that can be mounted on wall or ceiling. 92" - 204" $318.00 - $781.00


Manual Pulldown Manual pull-down screen with 92 to 120-inch sizes. MaxWhite and SilverGrey screen materials. Black or white casing. 84" - 138" $104.00 - $242.00


Advantage Manual With CSR Ceiling recessed manually operated screen blends nicely with ceiling tiles 71" - 204" $781.60 - $1,481.60
Deluxe Model B Manual pull-down screen with built-in tensioning arm that locks in place when screen is extended to provide a flat, tensioned viewing surface 71" - 100" $147.60 - $266.80
Designer Contour Manual with CSR Stylish, curved manual screen w/ optional choice of seven veneer finishes for the front cover of the screen case for a warm and elegant look 84" - 136" $350.00 - $508.00
Model B Easy pull-down system locks at intervals to fit a variety of projection formats. 57" - 136" $165.20 - $291.60
Model B w/CSR Same as Model B, but has a controlled screen return for smooth, consistent operation 84" - 136" $215.00 - $394.80
Model C Manual wall or ceiling mounted screen with optional veneer case finishes 71" - 204" $230.80 - $867.20
Model C w/CSR Manual wall or ceiling mounted screen with Da-Lite's Controlled Screen Return. Optional veneer finishes for case 84" - 204" $448.60 - $1,024.00
Scenic Roller Manually operated roll-up screen ideal for large screen applications in stage or auditorium settings. 205" - 509" $1,668.40 - $4,528.80

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